About us

About Us

In today’s world with all its dynamics and pressure; Time is very expensive. Payment solutions are about to meet you a little more than half way. “Edfa3 Delivery“ has disrupted the delivery service world and what it has to offer.
We bring to you a 1st time in Egypt payment solution that makes paying many of your bills and services at the proximity of your door. Efficient planning allows you to select more than a bill,service or prepaid recharge to settle.
No longer stress about more errands to settle your telecom or utility bills at bill settlement peak times, renewing your license & penalty payments, flight or concerts’ tickets..etc. (click here to view our services)

Let us handle that for you!

Please see our collaborations here along with our plans


An agent visits the ``next day`` of placing your Edfa3 Delivery request

**20LE(including 1 payment)

Same day

Schedule the time of visit you desire within the same day

**20LE(including 1 payment)


A premium service to have one of our agents within 2 hours

**25LE(including 1 payment)

*Regular & Same Day fees for Cairo Suburbs: 25LE
*Express Service for Cairo Suburbs: 30LE
*Starting 2nd payment transaction an additional 5LE
*Cairo Suburbs include: New Cairo, Al-Rehab, ElShorouk, Madinaty, Mokattam, 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, Heda'eq, El-Ahram, Midan El-Remaya